SEM is an industry acronym for Search Engine Marketing – it also happens to be my initials.  It’s almost as if I was born for it!

I have extensive experience in digital marketing in several industries, I am sure I can help your business achieve a solid online presence and grow it using proven techniques.

I have been in small business, I love working with business owners who want to grow, and use data to help guide their decisions.

A couple of the areas that I find a small business can use help in either guidance or actually getting the work done for them are: social media, email marketing, content development, paid online advertising (keyword and display targeting), and technical SEO.

What you get when you partner with SEM by Design

First, you get experience, but more importantly, you don’t get a cookie cutter plan.  You get collaboration and strategy for growth.  I take the time to learn about your business, analyze the data and find out what is working for your market vertical.  You get a responsive partnership who is invested in your business.

I would like to help you in any way possible – I know you, as a small business owner, want to make the most of your advertising spend.  I’ll help you with the strategy, and to obtain the data so that we can make the best possible decisions.