The internet has changed the business world forever in every imaginable way, both for better and worse. This change is especially noticeable in the way the world finds your business. Before we had instant answers from internet searches, the phone book’s yellow pages were the main resource for business listings. If this information was updated each year as needed, the public had all the information they needed. Now, we enjoy a global market, so the local yellow pages are basically useless. When people need to find business information, they search for it on the web. The problem is, once information is on the internet, it stays there, becoming only one of several possible search results. So, if your business has moved or has a new contact information, it could be confusing the search engines with too much information from the past. Here are some important reasons you need to keep your business listing consistent on,, and other directories like them.

Example of a local listing for “Escape Room Near Me” – Consistency amongst the listings will help you show up here more frequently.

Consistency Gets Your Business Noticed in Local Search

The reason you are in business is to make money. This is easier to accomplish if people can easily find you. The higher up you are on a search results list, the more likely you are to get the customer’s attention. If your business listings have been inconsistent, such as changes in name, address, or phone number, your business may be popping up as a different listing for each set of information. The similar multiple listings could edge out your current information from the search completely. Customers calling an old number and getting no response could easily assume that the company is no longer in business.

Keeping consistency in your business listings eliminates the problem of too much conflicting information. When a search engine receives your company’s name, it can lock on the correct information without showing outdated results. Also, because search engines, such as Google and Bing, can find the same results across the internet, they will view your information as a credible search of higher relevance. Your business will appear closer to the top of the search results list, garnering the attention you deserve.

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Consistency Increases Traffic to Your Business’s Website

With the huge number of websites available, it can sometimes be difficult to find the specific business in your search. When customers want to find your website, you want it to be as quick and simple as possible. When your listing keeps its major elements and is properly updated, search engines will be able to hone in on your website immediately. In addition, your listing will surpass other similar listings, and appear on the first page of results. The more visible your company’s listing, the more potential customers will visit your website for details and ordering information.

Consistency Adds Your Business Listing to Siri and Google Voice Searches

Voice command systems, like Siri and Google Voice, have become hugely popular in today’s busy culture. Many consumers are already using voice commands and many more are ready to make the switch. It’s not enough that your listing appears on a search page along with several others. Today, you need voice searches to be aware of your company, so they can advise potential customers of your location. Using a method like that of basic visual web searches, Siri and Google Voice will give the most reliable and relevant results for a business search. By keeping consistency in your internet listing, voice searches will also see you as a confident choice. Using the keywords “near me” will boost your business’s rankings on voice search engines and get your business name out there. You want your company to be at or near the top of the list and consistent business listings will help you achieve this.

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